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Ceylon Curry
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  • Gowka Tajan
    Cooked with spinach and unique Bengal spices, chillies and coriander.
    Starting from £ 5.95
  • South Indian Garlic
    Chicken tandoori cooked with roasted garlic fresh ginger and a touch of yogurt with a touch of cumin seeds, this is a south Indian exotic dish.
    Starting from £ 5.95
  • Rajastani Pahria
    A special dish cooked with Bengal tharkari, herbs, sliced ginger, spring onions and fresh coriander, The recipe contains a lot of chillies as the people of that region enjoy very hot food.
    Starting from £ 5.95
  • Daloshi
    Named after the first governor of India who said this was his favourite dish: cooked with coriander, cumin, almonds, fresh herbs and spices, yoghurt, roasted garlic and onions - A medium spicy dish.
    Starting from £ 5.95
  • Makani
    This dish is an Alternative to the Korma. A very mild sauce
    Starting from £ 5.95
  • Jai Ho 700
    An alternative to Korma and massala, a sweet dish prepared with caramelised onions, cocount flour, fresh single cream, paanch pooran and chef's secret sweet sauce giving the element of surprise. We recommend a peshwari naan with this delicacy.
    Starting from £ 5.95
  • Karahi (Chicken or lamb)
    Chicken or lamb cooked in a spicy semi dry sauce with onions tomatoes & peppers. A medium dish!
    Starting from £ 5.95
  • Akbori
    Prepared with roasted tomatoes, onions, peppers, spices and fresh herbs
    Starting from £ 5.95
  • Hindustani Pathia
    A special dish marinated with unique herbs, Hindustani Moghlai spices, yoghurt, coriander all topped with tamarind and chillies - hot, sweet and sour.
    Starting from £ 5.95
  • Bengal Special Massala
    A special dish made with the chef's secret sauce. Cooked with caramelised onions, plenty of garlic and tomatoes. Garnished with lemon patha. A medium hot dish!
    Starting from £ 5.95
  • Albela
    Marinated chicken tikka with finely chopped fresh tomatoes, fresh cream and coconut. This is a mild dish.
    Starting from £ 5.95
  • La Chana Pinday (V)
    Plenty of capsicum, chick peas, fresh mixed vegetables, tomatoes, lentils and garnished with fresh coriander, a medium dish.
    Starting from £ 5.95