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Meat Korma
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  • Malayan
    Slightly mild with pineapple
    Starting from £ 4.95
  • Dupiaza
    Medium Spiced Diced Onions, Tomatoes & Herbs
    Starting from £ 4.95
  • Rogan Josh
    Garnished With Fresh Chopped Tomatoes & Garlic
    Starting from £ 4.95
  • Bhuna
    Simmered in Onion, Green Pepper And Tomatoes. Medium spiced, semi dry sauce then garnished with coriander
    Starting from £ 4.95
  • Dansak
    Slightly hot, sweet and sour sauce in a lentil gravy. Garnished with coriander. A true classic
    Starting from £ 4.95
  • Ceylon Curry
    Hot and sour sauce. Garnished with lemons and coriander.
    Starting from £ 4.95
  • Pathia (Sweet, Sour and Fairly Hot)
    A classic curry from the 80’s and 90’s. A slightly spicy tomatoe purée based gravy cooked with onions, tomatoes and coriander.
    Starting from £ 4.95
  • Vindaloo Curry (Very Hot)
    A boys night out type of curry. Very hot brown sauce cooked with potatoes, green chillis and tomato purée. This dish is very hot
    Starting from £ 4.95
  • Madras Curry (Hot)
    A hot curry from the Madras region of India. Cooked in an onion based gravy, garlic then garnished with coriander.
    Starting from £ 4.95
  • Medium Curry
    A standard plain curry with no additives or veg.
    Starting from £ 4.95